Risco WiComm Pro with cloud connection
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The WiComm Pro Burglar Alarm is a fully featured wireless security solution that includes all the reliability and features that you require.

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 This cutting-edge wireless alarm provides unconventional remote management capabilities. It uses The Risco Cloud which allows users to enjoy a complete sense of control and peace of mind. Advanced features include remote access and maintenance of your alarm.

You can remotely operate the alarm; turn it on and off either using a smart phone app or using a computer / laptop with internet connection.

WiComm Pro seamlessly integrates RISCO’s Smart Home and VUpoint’s live video verification solutions to offer a comprehensive, user-connected home management solution 

A Wide Array of Wireless Accessories

RISCO’s wide array of sleek wireless accessories offer quick and easy installation. Our full range of accessories for security, safety and perimeter protection are based on unique technologies that offer ultimate reliability, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Be Appsolutely connected at all times

We help you provide full protection for your home and family with a single comprehensive security system. As you go about your day, our smartphone app enables you to control your security system from any location and receive notifications regarding any status updates. In the case of an alarm event, you or your security provider will receive video clips and still images of your home, giving you the option to assess a potential threat and take the necessary actions. You can also initiate live video with the touch of a button to check in on your home and family anytime.

Make the smart choice with the RISCO cloud-based connected home solution

Manage your life the smart way with an affordable connected home solution that combines a Smart Home, professional security and video monitoring with easy-to-use technology for total convenience and peace of mind.
Get the full package of cost-saving energy efficiency with smart temperature control, smart access of door locks and garage doors, and control of lighting, shutters, and appliances – all managed from a single, intuitive smartphone app!

Provide the Best Security Solution

Upgrade any System to a Smart System

Enjoy Full Flexibility with Unified Technology

iRISCO, it's Appsolutely The Best

Enjoy full control of your security, safety, and Smart Home features directly from a single intuitive app, from any location as you go about your day. The iRISCO smartphone app provides you with convenient control on the go for total life management.

Manual Activation

“Leaving Home” – You can combine a range of automatic actions for when you leave the house in the morning, including turning off the lights, arming the system, and managing climate control – all from the touch of a button on your smartphone app!.

Scheduled Activation

“Vacation Mode” – Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean your security system is. The Smart Home can be set to mimic regular activity – such as turning on/off the lights and shades – when you are away on vacation, to dissuade potential burglars from entering.

Triggered Activation

“Alarm Notification” – You can customize actions to be triggered in response to specific events, such as instant video verification in the case of burglary and turning on the lights automatically when the alarm is activated.


  • Wireless zones (1-way or 2-way): 32
  • User codes: 32
  • Partitions: 3
  • Remote Controls (1- way or 2-way): 8 (4 button or 8 buttons)
  • Keypads (2-way): 3 – LCD or Slim with full installer programming and proximity and adaptive menu tree displays only the relevant options according to installed hardware and authorization level
  • Self monitoring app gives customers full control
  • Full range of accessories available
  • Wireless Sounders (2-way): 3 (Indoor or Outdoor)
  • Event log: 250
  • Alarm Receiving Centre: 3
  • Follow-me destinations: 16
  • Flexible communication: PSTN, IP, and GSM/GPRS in any combination
  • Reporting formats: Contact ID, SIA level 2 & 3 (text support), IP/GSM
  • Receiver, SIA IP (with encryption)
  • Engineer Programming Methods:
  • Local using RS232 for Configuration Software
  • Local using LCD 2-way keypad
  • Remote using configuration software (GPRS, IP, PSTN)
  • Firmware upgrade: Local or remote via GPRS or IP
  • Automated scheduling: 8 (set/unset or output control)
  • End user features:
  • Smartphone apps and web browser for video verification,
  • set/unset, control and monitoring the system.
  • Email: Event and images notification
  • SMS: Event notification and remote control.
  • Audio: voice event messaging, touch-tone control with full voice menu guide, two-way audio for listen-in and speak-in
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 640 x 268.5 x 219.5 mm (10.57 x 8.64 x 2.52 inch)
  • Approvals: EN50131 Grade 2, Class II; EN50136; INCERT; SBSC


Receive Push Notifications on your Smartphone App


Remotely control your security system via smart phone App


Arm or Disarm specific areas of your Home, say Upstairs only


Receive alerts on your phone when the system is triggered


The alarm will be triggered if the cover, base or power are altered

Say YES to your Insurance Provider


  • Battery backed up control panel
  • Intruders are detected as soon as they enter premises
  • Notifies that a robbery is underway
  • BS 8243 Compliant
  • Regular maintenance included
  • Suitable for all residential homes

Quick Installation

no hiddeen charges

installations with warrenty

approved installers

ssaib certified

In the Kit

1 X Master Control Panel

Combining professional high-end security WiComm Pro is the ideal wireless solution for residential and small business applications. WiComm Pro enhanced range and provides complete protection against indoor and outdoor intrusion and safety hazards. It also comes with a range of brand-new accessories including Piccolo - our new discreet and stylish wireless PIR / Pet PIR detector.

1 X Panda Wireless Keypad

You can operate your home security system using the latest slim and sleek bi-directional Panda wireless keypad. Being bi-directional the keypad receives a reply status indication from the control panel for each command that it is sent to the panel

Risco Mobile App

Enjoy full control of your security system from a single app, from any location as you go about your day. You can arm and disarm your system and receive real-time notification in case of an event.

2 X Wireless Picollo PIR Detectors

PIR sensors can be used to detect movement of people, animals and objects. They are mounted on the wall near to the ceiling and communicates with the control panel that a movement has been noticed.

2 X Smart Tags

Smart tags can be used instead of passcode to set and unset your home security system. The tags need to be read by the keypad by showing them 1-2cm away from the keypad's flap door. 2 proximity tags are included in the standard kit for easy access.

1 X External sounder

The External sounder with LED flashes is powered with its own batteries and communicates wirelessly with the control panel. Upon an alarm condition, the sounder will be activated for a pre-defined period of time. The maximum time that the sound will be activated is 5 minutes.

* Monthly Maintenance fees apply see below for details

Maintenance package with App cloud connection only £14.95 inc VAT /month (Direct Debit) Cover includes all call outs, parts , labour, Full management of cloud connection and data storage along with 24/7 telephone support and one annual inspection. Annual inspection includes the following tasks by our service engineer: . Check the log/history of the alarm system since last maintenance service. . Visually inspect all major alarm components including cabling & connections where accessible for signs of .deterioration or damage. . Check mains power supply including charging rates. . Check battery power supply including charging rates. . Check and walk test all detectors. . Check and test audible warning devices for correct operation. . Check satisfactory operation of manually operated devices e.g. panic buttons. . Check and test remote signalling equipment (where appropriate). . Make adjustments or minor programming as necessary. .Repair minor faults where necessary. . Provide user training (if required). . Log all test results. . Return the alarm system to operational status.

Extra Produts

24hr Monitoring service

Your system is connected to a Central monitoring station that is manned 24hrs a day. In the event of an activation the monitoring staff will take the appropriate action and if necessary call the police
£6.99 a month in addition to cloud maintenance package
More Information

Piccolo Pir Motion Detector

PIR sensors can be used to detect movement of people, animals and objects. They are mounted on the wall near to the ceiling and communicates with the control panel that a movement has been noticed.
Tips: Entire room coverage. Recommended for ground floor rooms. Add one for upstairs room if they are easily accessible from outside.
More Information

Door & Window Contact

Comes in two pieces, one part of the contact sensor is installed on the door while the other is fixed on the door frame.They drift apart if the door is open, the sensor transmit ‘open’ signal to the control unit.
Tips: Protect your ground floor doors and windows. One recommended for front door. Consider a motion sensor for a room with more than 3 windows instead.
More Information

shock sensor

If someone is banging or attempting to force open the window or door the sensor causes the burglar alarm to activate
Tips: Put this on a window that needs protection while you move freely in the room. Perfect for perimeter protection.
More Information

Curtain sensor

Curtain Sensor A curtain motion detector is suitable for monitoring traffic through a door, or protecting well-defined areas. Ideal for bi-fold doors.
Tips: Ideal for large glass doors and bay windows
More Information

External detector

External Sensor Outdoor PIR sensor with superior stability to detect trespassers and not pets, birds or small animals.
Tips: Outdoor PIR sensor with superior stability to detect trespassers and not pets, birds or small animals.
More Information

Dual Tech PIR Motion Detecto

Dual technology utilises both microwave and PIR channels for higher catch performance and false alarm immunity
Tips: Ideal for garages and conservatories in homes, offices and small commercial buildings.
More Information

Panda 4-Button Keyfob

Similar to your car's remote control. Can be used to arm, disarm , set panic alarm or part arm. Upto 4 different functions.
Tips: Consider getting one if you have chance of forgetting the PIN
More Information

Internal Sounder

Internal siren in addition to the inbuilt one in the control panel
Tips: Consider one for an extremely large property.
More Information

Wireless Live Siren

Additional live siren for your property
Tips: Consider one live siren for the rear for large houses.
More Information

Smoke & Heat Detector

or early detection of fire hazards with reduced risk of false alarms.
Tips: Ideal for hallways , kitchen and common areas
More Information

VUpoint pan & tilt camera

Pan and tilt See what’s happening at your home anytime from your smart phone. Records upto 30 seconds at the time of alarm with a memory card installed.
Tips: Ideal for live monitoring of elderly as well as children
More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WiComm Pro

WiComm Pro provides complete protection against intrusion and safety hazards - both indoors and outdoors. Flexible and adaptable, WiComm Pro can always be enhanced and modified according to the homeowner's dynamic lifestyle, requirements and financial capabilities.

What if there is a power cut

The WiComm has a back-up battery that will run the system in the event of power loss. When the power is resumed then the battery will self charge

Can I set just the ground floor when I go to bed

The WiComm can be part set to allow free movement in certain areas while leaving the rest of the property protected. The engineer will set this up for you.

Can more that one person have differant codes

The system can assign upto 16 User codes to allow you to keep track of who set/unset the system


User Reviews

    Overall - 10/10
    Reliability & timekeeping - 10/10
    Tidiness - 10/10
    Courtesy - 10/10
    Workmanship - 10/10
Fit new alarm and security camera’s

Very professional service. Engineers turned up on time and installed the equipment quickly and efficiently. Demonstrated how to use everything (not sure I remember it all ) assured me I can call with any questions. I would definitely recommend this company

Customer in London N14

Posted on 07/01/2022

    Overall - 10/10
    Reliability & timekeeping - 10/10
    Tidiness - 10/10
    Courtesy - 10/10
    Workmanship - 10/10
Alarm system installed

Great service from the initial visit to completion. Koray is a lovely Chap - polite, professional, courteous, respectful and a great asset to the Company. Koray arrived on time, talked me through what he was going to do, asked questions and my opinion before just putting things where he thought they should go and offered guidance without any pressures. Was given a guided tour of my new system and helped set me up online - so was good to go before he left. Would definitely recommend Sky Security Solutions Ltd to everyone and looking forward to working with them in the future. Thank You

Customer in Barnet

Posted on 11/01/2022

    Overall - 10/10
    Reliability & timekeeping - 10/10
    Tidiness - 10/10
    Courtesy - 10/10
    Workmanship - 10/10
CCTV supplied and installed

I used Sky to fit my alarm system and previous CCTC system. I have upgraded the CCTV system with new state of the art cameras. Sky carried out the work to a high standard and talked me through all elements of my system. Highly recommend.

Customer in Loughton

Posted on 23/09/2021

    Overall - 10/10
    Reliability & timekeeping - 10/10
    Tidiness - 10/10
    Courtesy - 10/10
    Workmanship - 10/10
Burglar alarm and CCTV system

“Very efficient, Clean tidy job. The staff at sky security were very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail. Both the Alarm and CCTV can be accessed from my phone so I am able to check on when the kids get home. Would highly recommend this company. Why look anywhere else.”

Customer in Enfield

Posted on 15/11/2019

    Overall - 10/10
    Reliability & timekeeping - 10/10
    Tidiness - 10/10
    Courtesy - 10/10
    Workmanship - 10/10
Security Alarm and CCTV installation

Extremely professional work carried out to a high standard. Excellent support and advice given. Being a small(ish) local firm it feels like each job is given individual care and attention that a large company would struggle to provide. I'd happily recommend them and definitely use them again should the need ever arise.

Customer in Enfield

Posted on 05/02/2020

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