Burglar Alarms

At Sky security solutions we consider buying a home alarm system similar to buying a pair of Shoes

Seriously .We need to ensure the security solution fits your home perfectly which is why we always carry out a comprehensive home survey.  Because once you have the right alarm system, like a comfy pair of shoes, you’ll be happy putting them on when you leave the house. Speak to us about burglar alarms in your area.

Every home is different, with unique security requirements – which is why we never sell over the phone . 
Be wary of those who do!

CommPact Wireless Burglar Alarm with Remote Access App

Fully Installed

The CommPact start up kit provides everything you need to keep your property safe.

£ 345

Risco WiComm Pro With cloud connection

Fully Installed

Control your Alarm system from the palm of your hand


£ 475

Smart Alarm Risco Agility 4 With Video Verification

Fully Installed

The Best Smart Alarm system on the Market

£ 695
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