How long does it take to install?

The Sky Secure system is pre-configured away from your home so can be installed in just a couple of hours

What do I need to use my system?

your system comes with everything you need and you will be given a full demonstration and shown how to operate your new system day to day.

Will there be any mess?

As the system is wireless there will be virtually no mess and no need to run wires around your home.

What if I’ve got pets or animals that need to be free to wander around the premises whilst the Alarm system is set?

We can install Pet friendly movement detectors in the areas where you pets are likely to be as these detectors are specially designed not to pick them up.

Can I part set my Alarm System at night when I’m on the premises?

Yes the installation engineer can program your system so only certain areas of your choice are armed when you are at home.

What if I move home?

Your system can move home with you although it will need to be professionally installed in your new property. However, the system will be an additional selling point if you decide to leave it behind or the new owner may wish to purchase it from you.

What happens if I have an issue or question at a later date?

We will be happy to help with any future problems, which may arise as this is covered within your monthly maintenance fee.

What if I go on holiday?

Simply arm the system when you leave your home. In the event of an incident you will be sent a recorded message(only available with mini monitoring) to which you can reply to check the status of the system and control it remotely. If friends or neighbours need to enter your home you could leave them a keyfob or code and show them how to use the system.

Why Choose Sky Security

We could go on and on about how good we are but we leave that upto the 100s of satisfied customers that have had systems installed by us.

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