Product Details

Available now, RISCO Group’s Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector combines two advanced technologies within a compact and streamlined design, the ideal choice for homeowners seeking the highest safety standards. The Smoke and Heat Detector offers a more sensitive and dependable product for early detection of fire hazards in different environments with a reduced risk of false alarms. EN 14604 certified, easy to install and compatible with all of RISCO Group’s one and two-way wireless systems. • Wireless combined smoke and heat detector: Heat only mode enables installing in harsh environments such as kitchens or bathrooms, Earlier detection is achieved from fast temperate rate-of-rise before smoke is detected • Simple battery replacement. • Two heat sensors measuring fixed temperature and rate-of-rise provide accurate readings and high false alarm immunity • Compatible with all of RISCO Group’s wireless systems, both 1-way and 2-way • Built-in test button activates self test and alarm sou