Product Details

What can CCTV do for me?

If you install a poor system then the answer is probably “very little”. You should have a clear idea of what you want your system to do and how it should perform.  Performance has to be designed and cannot be taken for granted. CCTV needs to be of a high enough quality to ensure these elements work.

Our 2-camera CCTV system uses high-end cameras, good quality recording system with easy backup options, view live CCTV footage on iPhone, smartphones and computers, motion detection recordings and all this come with 12 months warranty for product and installation.

  • High resolution CCTV system designed for residential and small business
  • Four security cameras –  Day/Night , External/Internal
  • Now with Excellent High resolution 4MP Full HD impact resistant, compact, Infra Red Camera with Waterproof rating: IP55
  • 4 Channel DVR 2tb Real-time H.264 compression.
  • Easy backup – USB devices
  • Network/Internet – View live via Smartphone and iPhones (Needs broadband with static IP)
  • Motion detection recording facility available.

Crime detection

CCTV is an electronic witness that can assist in proving guilt, innocence and association. It plays a significant part in many investigations by the police. There are two critical elements within the investigative process – the identification of suspects and the capture of events.

Crime reduction

The reduction of crime is inextricably linked to the ability to detect and prosecute offenders. The potential reduction strategy is therefore based on the threat of being caught. This preventative benefit relies on knowledge by the public of the presence of cameras and also their effectiveness. Clearly people cannot be deterred from committing crime if they don’t know they are being watched.