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The CommPact start up kit provides everything you need to keep your property safe.


Includes fitting and VAT with no monthly fees
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The Risco CommPact intrusion system is named for its streamlined, space-saving design, while offering a professional, highly reliable system at a competitive price.With no monthly fees

How does it work

Apart from the keypad on the front control panel, you can add peripheral devices such as keypad and keyfobs. The front control panel is the main user interface that provides you with all the functions you need to control your system. The LCD display on the front control panel and LED’s inform you of security system arming status, power failures and any system trouble conditions. Its alpha numeric keypad enables you to enter your user code when arming and  disarming your burglar alarm and to silence your siren in the event of an alarm.
LED Status
Off -The System is disarmed
On Green – System OK and no trouble
Flashing Green – Open zone – Check the windows and doors are closed and confirm that no movement is detected in the area convered by the sensors
Flashing Red – An alarm has occured
Slow flashing yellow – Batterry low and time to service your alarm


Commpact Burglar alarm system 
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  • Battery backed up control panel
  • Intruders are detected as soon as they enter premises
  • Notifies that a robbery is underway
  • BS 8243 Compliant
  • Suitable for all low risk residential homes

No Invisable Charges

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SSAIB Certified

Quick Installation

Technical Specifications
  • Wireless RF technology
  • 32 Wireless zones
  • Supports up to 19 keyfobs
  • Wi-Fi/GSM communication modules available
  • Email/SMS/voice event notifications to end users
  • 100 mA programmable output for wired siren
  • USB connector for local PC programming
  • Remote programming, firmware updates and maintenance
  • Incorporates FM technology for enhanced RF noise immunity
  • Digital RSSI (Reception Signal Strength Indication)
  • Robust anti-collision transmission
  • 66 bits encryption with SecuriCode™ technology (hopping and rolling code)
  • Single transceiver technology
  • Two-stage transmitter for improved frequency stability
  • Menu-driven programming for quick and easy installation
  • Remote Firmware Upgrades via GPRS
  • Advanced remote programming software
  • Fast up/downloading via GSM or GPRS
  • Upload status of all wireless devices
  • Installer built-in utilities
  • Real-time transmitter list and status, visible and audible signal strength meter
  • GSM network coverage indication
  • Smart walk test; transmitter test; wireless siren test; internal siren test; interface test
  • Receiver quality measurement to evaluate signals in the same frequency

In the Kit

1 X Master control Unit

The CommPact intrusion system is named for its streamlined, space-saving design, while offering a professional, highly reliable system at a competitive price. Its connectivity to the cloud-based server enables it to be controlled remotely by smartphone app (also available via web browser) that enables users to arm/disarm the system remotely as well as receive email and smartphone app push notifications and view and store a history of events.

1 X Door Contact

The wireless magnetic door contact detects door and window intrusion.

2 X Pet friendly passive infa red detectors

The Wireless PET PIR protects with advanced Passive Infrared (PIR) intrusion-detection capabilities by sensing motion in the protected zone, even in total darkness. A pet-friendly design enables a pet (up to 45 kg. / 99 lbs.) to roam freely without triggering an alarm. Either wall or corner mounting for optimal detection coverage.

1 X wireless external sounder (tri-bell)

Triangular wireless sounder with Siren Module and Flashing LEDS plus Strobe light

Extra Produts

Additional Pet friendly passive infa red detector

The CommPact Wireless PIR/PET Detector is an intelligent digital motion detector that's able to distinguish between the infra-red signals received from humans and those received from animals.
Tips: Entire room coverage. Recommended for ground floor rooms. Add one for upstairs room if they are easily accessible from outside.
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Vibration Detector

The wireless vibration detector senses low-amplitude vibrations around vulnerable access points, setting off an alarm before an intruder has a chance to enter the premises. Sensitivity is adjusted to the local background noise during installation.
Tips: Put this on a window that needs protection while you move freely in the room. Perfect for perimeter protection.
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Remote Fob

Allows you to Set/Unset the system as well as having a built in panic Button
Tips: Consider getting one if you have chance of forgetting the PIN
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Door/Window contact sensor

The Wireless Magnetic Switch and Roller Shutter is a compact, supervised wireless transmitter including two separate zones, and is designed for use either with a rope contact for roller shutters, or as a magnetic contact for windows and doors
Tips: Protect your ground floor doors and windows. One recommended for front door. Consider a motion sensor for a room with more than 3 windows instead.
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Remote Arming Station

Wireless multi function remote keypad One-touch Full/Part/Perimeter arm and disarm Panic alarm function 9Battery status indicator Built in sounder
Tips: Idea for arming disarming system away from the main Alarm control panel
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Decoy Alarm Box

Decoy box to indicate that your home is protected.
Tips: Consider one for the rear of your home
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set the system at night

The system can be Part-set leaving the ground floor on and the first floor off so that you can freely move around upstairs

How do I know when the battires need changing

The sytem will notifie you when the batteris need change. You should then contact us to change the batteries as this is part of your mainternance package

User Reviews

    Overall - 10/10
    Reliability & timekeeping - 10/10
    Tidiness - 10/10
    Courtesy - 10/10
    Workmanship - 10/10
Fit new alarm and security camera’s

Very professional service. Engineers turned up on time and installed the equipment quickly and efficiently. Demonstrated how to use everything (not sure I remember it all ) assured me I can call with any questions. I would definitely recommend this company

Customer in London N14

Posted on 07/01/2022

    Overall - 10/10
    Reliability & timekeeping - 10/10
    Tidiness - 10/10
    Courtesy - 10/10
    Workmanship - 10/10
Alarm system installed

Great service from the initial visit to completion. Koray is a lovely Chap - polite, professional, courteous, respectful and a great asset to the Company. Koray arrived on time, talked me through what he was going to do, asked questions and my opinion before just putting things where he thought they should go and offered guidance without any pressures. Was given a guided tour of my new system and helped set me up online - so was good to go before he left. Would definitely recommend Sky Security Solutions Ltd to everyone and looking forward to working with them in the future. Thank You

Customer in Barnet

Posted on 11/01/2022

    Overall - 10/10
    Reliability & timekeeping - 10/10
    Tidiness - 10/10
    Courtesy - 10/10
    Workmanship - 10/10
CCTV supplied and installed

I used Sky to fit my alarm system and previous CCTC system. I have upgraded the CCTV system with new state of the art cameras. Sky carried out the work to a high standard and talked me through all elements of my system. Highly recommend.

Customer in Loughton

Posted on 23/09/2021

    Overall - 10/10
    Reliability & timekeeping - 10/10
    Tidiness - 10/10
    Courtesy - 10/10
    Workmanship - 10/10
Burglar alarm and CCTV system

“Very efficient, Clean tidy job. The staff at sky security were very knowledgeable and explained everything in detail. Both the Alarm and CCTV can be accessed from my phone so I am able to check on when the kids get home. Would highly recommend this company. Why look anywhere else.”

Customer in Enfield

Posted on 15/11/2019

    Overall - 10/10
    Reliability & timekeeping - 10/10
    Tidiness - 10/10
    Courtesy - 10/10
    Workmanship - 10/10
Security Alarm and CCTV installation

Extremely professional work carried out to a high standard. Excellent support and advice given. Being a small(ish) local firm it feels like each job is given individual care and attention that a large company would struggle to provide. I'd happily recommend them and definitely use them again should the need ever arise.

Customer in Enfield

Posted on 05/02/2020

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